Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Morshid Sammam offers a full range of consultation services to help analyze your plant requirements for the effective implementation of solutions from our range of products. We cooperate with the end-user for a detailed analysis of the root cause and provide reliable solutions for different kinds of valve problems.

  • New Valves

    We provide consultation on and design of a variety of valves for different kinds of industrial applications. We have a rich set of valve designs and solutions available, providing solutions for severe service applications. For special valve solutions not available in the market, we can help our clients by manufacturing and delivering those valves in the shortest possible time frame under the most complicated requirements
  • Upgrade & RetroFit

    We supply highly reliable and efficient upgrading solutions for our clients, with the following key advantages:
    • Fits well into the existing valve
    • Full responsibility of the valve
    • Detailed documentation
    • Saves the cost of piping modifications
    • Lower installation costs
    • Shorter plant downtime
  • Spare Parts

    We are not only focus on providing reliable valves & upgrades, but also assist our clients in maintaining their valves. We provide direct OEM part replacements, with quality same as those originally installed. Other than providing common spare parts, we can also help in the replacement of obsolete parts not commonly available by using our trusted sources or our highly advanced reverse engineering techniques. The advantages of using spare parts provided by us are as follows:
    • Completely interchangeable
    • Use of latest technology makes our parts highly reliable
    • Lower costs
    • Faster delivery